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The European market leader is now opening in the UAE

At around 40%, the UAE's obesity rate is double the world average. Being overweight can have major health consequences, including a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, infertility and cardiovascular diseases.

Given that obesity is such a complex, multi- causal problem, there is no quick solution such as standalone bariatric surgery. However, at Quro we take our commitment to fighting morbid obesity very seriously. We are the undisputed European market leader when it comes to bariatric surgery - experts in our field, known for getting lasting results. As such, we offer a complete program designed around the morbidly obese patient.

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Working together towards a healthy weight

Quro always takes a personalized approach. If bariatric surgery is the right solution for you, our highly skilled team (comprising dieticians, physiotherapists, psychologists, endocrinologists and surgeons) will tailor their expertise to your individual needs. We provide guidance and education every step of the way - from screening and pre-surgical to the bariatric surgery itself, right through to post-surgical life style change programs and long-term follow up.

Quro has treated over 40,000 patients with excellent results. We are set apart by our high compliance, safe surgeries with low complication rates and an unparalleled, effective lifestyle change program, all rolled into one comprehensive program.

Starting as De Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek (‘The Dutch Obesity Clinic’) in 1993, Quro has since become the undisputed European expert and market leader in treating people with morbid obesity. It is no surprise that Quro treatments are included in all healthcare insurers’ coverage in The Netherlands. We are now bringing our unrivalled expertise to the GCC for the first time.

Our solid approach, combined with your dedication, is your best chance for a successful and long lasting, life changing transformation. Together we will get you healthy again. Please feel free to leave your phone number via and we will call you back within 24 hours.

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Facts & figures

Established for 25 years, treating over 40,000 patients with morbid obesity

A European IFSO Centre of Excellence

Full transparency of our results to our insurance partners

The European market leader in treating people with morbid obesity

The trusted partner for an increasing number of new patients every year

Only provider with a true multi- disciplinary approach to screening, pre- and post-surgical behavioural change program combined with bariatric surgery

Work exclusively with experienced, highly qualified board certified bariatric surgeons

A personalized approach that offers a fully protocolled effective treatment for morbid obesity

We collect many data points per patient as input for continuous improvement of our treatment programs and for clinical research with our scientific partners


  • Safe: We provide a safe, proven treatment for morbid obesity with maximum long-term health benefits for our patients. Our complication rates are so low, they are comparable to those for a gallbladder surgery
  • Effective: Very high compliance rates and total weight loss proves our highly effective program truly works for our patients. We also often see that any co-morbidities present before the surgery (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure etc.) are completely resolved
  • Successful: Patient input scores show strong improvements in both quality of life and overall happiness following surgery. Two years after starting the program, most of our patients have lost up to 90% of their excess weight
  • Supportive: We teach our lifestyle program in group sessions, providing a safe and trusting environment for our patients.

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