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The European market leader in morbid obesity treatment is now launching in the UAE

Quro launched as De Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek (‘The Dutch Obesity Clinic’) in 1993 but has since grown to become the undisputed European expert - a true market leader in treating people with morbid obesity.

This will allow us to bring our unrivalled expertise to the treatment of morbid obesity to the GCC, along with our proven effective behavioural change program which incorporates:

  • Eligibility screening
  • Pre- and post-surgical guidance
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Mentoring by our multidisciplinary teams
  • Long-term follow up support.

For more information and business inquiries, please visit our global enterprise website:

Our mission

Quro aims to be the undisputed expert, global leader and go-to partner in fighting morbid obesity.

Our vision

  • Quro’s treatment is a safe and proven method that results in maximum health benefits and long term results for our patients.
  • In our continuous effort to innovate and improve, we invest in research and partnerships with leading clinical hospitals.
  • Our highly specialized and experienced multidisciplinary care team has a strong focus on personalized care for morbidly obese patients.

Our Values

  • Health: Our patient’s health comes first at all times
  • Trust : Everything begins with trust and full commitment
  • Involved: Our patient approach is personal and involved
  • Innovation: We continuously strive for improvement of our treatment
  • Expert: We offer the most efficient treatment for the morbidly obese patient.

Well-experienced and well-regarded

We have already taken over 40,000 patients through successful treatment for morbid obesity, with the number of new patients being welcomed into the program rising each year. With such a well- established reputation, it is little surprise that all healthcare insurers in The Netherlands fully cover the entire Quro treatment for all eligible patients. A very high percentage of our patients are compliant with the program up to 5 years post-surgery. In addition, the majority of patients report to be happier and experience a higher quality of life as well as losing up to 80% of their excess weight after completing the program.

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