Karla El Barmaki

Clinical Dietitian

Karla El Barmaki is a clinical dietitian who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Earth and Life Sciences (2007), a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics (2009) and a Master’s degree in Sports Nutrition and Physiology (2013) from Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon. She completed an internship at a reputable hospital in Beirut, where she provided patients with individualized nutritional care tailored to their medical needs.

In 2013, Karla decided to relocate to the UAE, where she helped to improve health awareness by participating in community education, giving television and radio interviews and participating in forums and lectures on various nutrition-related topics. Since then, she has gained experience in clinical practice at a diet centre and a private polyclinic, counselling individuals on daily nutrition for performance and health. Karla has a special interest in weight management, sports nutrition, bariatric surgeries and chronic conditions.