Tala Al Hindawi

General Practitioner

Tala Al Hindawi is Quro Obesity Centre’s General Practitioner, leading the multidisciplinary team in screening bariatric patients and managing the medical treatment of post-operative bariatric patients. Prior to that, she gained extensive experience at Jordanian Royal Medical Services, one of the most reputable medical centres in her home country, having obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree from the Jordan University of Science and Technology. Through her hard work, Dr. Hindawi acquired hands-on experience in various departments including general surgery, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery and paediatric surgery.

Her enthusiasm for evidence-based practice has led her to participate in several multidisciplinary teams including the Bariatric Surgery team and the Breast Cancer team. She has also volunteered in many campaigns, including the Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery Campaign and the Breast Cancer and Mammogram Awareness Campaign. Dr. Hindawi’s meticulous research skills mean that she has extensive knowledge of the latest medical advances, particularly in bariatrics.