How a Dutch obesity center changes the way the UAE is fighting morbid obesity

During the Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai on January 29, contracts were signed between Quro Obesity Center and NMC Royal Hospital Abu Dhabi.


After helping over 40.000 European patients with a life changing transformation, Quro is now on its way to shed the weight of morbid obese patients in the UAE. Quro is bringing their unrivalled expertise to the UAE by opening obesity centers in partnership with the reputable NMC Royal Hospital in Abu Dhabi.


Increasing trend of life-threatening lifestyle diseases
At around 40%, the UAE’s obesity rate is double the world average. Being overweight can have major health consequences, including a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, infertility and cardiovascular diseases. Conventional treatments are often not effective in the long run. A serious, well-founded approach is therefore urgently needed.


A proven method for a complex problem
“Given that obesity is such a complex, multi-causal problem, there is no quick solution such as standalone bariatric surgery”, says Kobus Dijkhorst, CEO of Quro. “We are uniquely positioned to provide a method that results in maximum health benefits for our patients. We do this by adding our proven behavioral change program to the surgical procedure. This way, Quro can help morbidly obese Emirati get healthy again and really improve their quality of life.


Mr. Michael Davis, Group COO of NMC Healthcare: "As a largest healthcare group in the region, NMC is always looking at enhancing the bouquet of services to the communities of the UAE and elsewhere. At the regions largest and most modern hospital, NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City - Abu Dhabi, we are looking forward to start our cooperation with Quro Obesity center, a reputable Dutch Healthcare group which has a proven concept for the treatment of morbid obesity with good long term results. We look forward to offer this program to our patients in the next few months and help serve the goals of our national health policy."


Close relationship
The contract was signed in the presence of the Dutch Consulate which commented: "The Netherlands maintains close relations with the United Arab Emirates. The Dutch have a strong tradition of R&D in healthcare, integrating ICT solutions in healthcare and innovative solutions for diagnostics and treatment. The prevalence of non-communicable or ‘lifestyle’ diseases is growing in the UAE and in the Netherlands, affecting many adults, youth and their families.